5 Ply cookware

Praylady comes up with an efficient and healthier way of cooking with its 5-ply cookware ranges.

Now, what is in Praylady’s 5- ply?


5 layers of metals comprise the 5 ply range. Given below is the list of metals in the layered from bottom to top of the vessel:

  1. Ultra AISI 430 Stainless Steel – good for induction

  2. Aluminium – fast and even distribution of heat.

  3.  Steel sheets – suits well for better baking as it retains good amount of heat.

  4. Aluminium alloy – transfers heat quickly to the food as it a good thermal conductor.

  5. 201 Stainless steel- is a moderate thermal conductor and gives your vessel a posh look. It is the topmost layer.

Do you know Praylady’s 5- ply cookwares prevent heavy metal poisoning?

Find here how your food is saved with Praylady’s 5– ply cookwares.

Vessels coated with a single layer of cast iron, aluminium or even non stick cookware can always infect your cooking food with their dirt scrambles (grease, formaldehyde etc.) Glass wares are also not an exception. The previously cooked food particle settles at the bottom of these vessels and gets fermented. The metal also leaches into the food sometimes. The unwanted absorption of dirt and metal grease causes heavy metal poisoning.

Our cookware coated with 5 layers of significant metals do not cause this discomfort because,

  • They help in distributing the heat evenly making cooking superior.

  •  They retain the Vitamins and Minerals in the food.

  • They cook at a lower temperature

  • Metal from the pot does not leach into your food

  • We can cook with less   Oil for lower Cholesterol

A few other important benefits of Praylady’s 5- ply cookware range:

  •  They reduce warping over a long period of time.

  •  They are dishwasher safe.

  • They add more flavour

  • We need not add salt

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